Innerview Inner Cover

What is the Innerview?

The Innerview is a way to view your bees in your traditional style equipment without disrupting your hive.  We are proud to introduce our new patent pending Innerview cover.  The Innerview replaces a traditional Plywood inner cover and is placed directly under the telecoping or migratory cover.  Our design enables the beekeeper to view the colony with minimal impact to the bees and beekeeper.  The Innerview cover also allows the beekeeper flexibility to utilize a top entrance, feed or supplement the bees with required resources, regulate ventilation throughout the seasons, as well as many more beneficial management practices.  Keeping notes directly on the glass is great for record keeping.  The Innerview cover is a great way to observe and share with all, both with beekeepers and the novice alike.

The Innerview is constructed with premium grade cypress and laminated glass. We have found laminated glass to provide the most benefits  because each piece is composed of two separate sheets of glass, separated by a spacer filled with an absorbent media, then sealed. The same reasons why insulated glass is beneficial in your home construction is the reason it is beneficial in the bee's home. When it is cold outside and warm inside, observe the amount of condensation that you see on the inside of the window. Not very much if any should be present if you have insulated glazing in your building. To further understand the benefits to the bees from the laminated glazing, you probably observe some of those everyday looking at a windshield. We could write a small novel on the benefits of laminated and or insulated glass in/on the hive. In summary we can utilize glass in the beekeeping world for the same reasons that it has been utilized in the human world. Last but not least, our patent pending Innerview covers are MADE IN THE USA.

Many Ways To Use

Jar Feeding


Simply place a jar with 1/16 holes drilled in the lid on the center hole to utilize jar feeding.

Document Observations


Use a Permanant marker to write important dates and observations directly on the glass.  Don't worry it easily wipes off later.

Refill Trough Feeder


Refill your trough feeder easily without ever breaking your hive seal.  Simply pour through screened openng directly above the trough.

Deluxe Innerview

Delux Innerview


The newest Innerview design utilizes the same benefits as the original more!

3 More Holes


The Deluxe Innerview adds 3 more holes for extra ventilation, feeding, and jar placement.

Let the Bees do all the work


Simply place a queen excluder under the Innerview and let the bees fill your jars with honey while you watch!